You May Not Know The Advantages Of Hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar

- Sep 25, 2017-

I believe we all know that there are many types of steel, manufacturers today to tell you about hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar and traditional steel compared to what advantage, I hope we can further understand our products.

1, hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar specifications special. Thickness of 8 ~ 50mm, width 150-625mm, length 5-15m, and the product specifications range from the more dense, to meet the needs of users, instead of the use of the board, without cutting, you can directly welding.

2, the product surface smooth. The process of secondary use of high pressure water descaling process to ensure that the steel surface smooth.

3, both sides of the vertical, clear water chestnut. Rolling in the two rolling, to ensure that both sides of the vertical degree is good, angle clear, the edge of the surface quality is good.

4, the product of the scale of precision, three poor, the same level difference is better than steel standards; product straight, good plate. Manufacturers pointed out that the use of continuous rolling rolling process, automatic set of automatic control to ensure that no steel does not pull steel, high dimensional accuracy, tolerance range, three points difference, the same bar, sickle and other parameters are better than the plate, and Plate straightness good. Cold shear shear, length and length of high precision.

5, hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar material using national standards, and steel plate the same.

The above is the manufacturers of hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar advantage to explain, if you are interested in our products, we quickly contact us.