Why Should The Hot Rolled Flat Steel Bar Cleaned

- Jun 30, 2017-

Flat Steel Bar as a wood can be used for the production of hoop iron, tools and mechanical parts, buildings used as Fang structural parts, escalators. The technology of hot rolled Flat Steel Bar has become the center of the product, so we should use the standardized processing technology to make the products reasonably used and the performance of the practical function. Today the manufacturers to tell you about product cleaning requirements.

For hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar, the lower surface roughness, the smoother the surface, the more difficult the foreign body attached, the lower the probability of local corrosion. Therefore, the Flat Steel Bar should be used as far as possible surface finishing. Surface cleanliness of Flat Steel Bar is very important, after the passivation of cleaning should be carefully carried out, because the residual acid liquid to promote the cathode reaction, so that the rupture of the film, so that hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar activation, corrosion resistance decreased dramatically. Use ambient media. The passivation film of Flat Steel Bar belongs to the metastable structural orifice which is controlled by thermodynamics and its protection efficiency is related to environmental medium. Use should be regularly cleaned to remove harmful substances long-term private attachment on the surface.

As we all know, steel in the construction and major industries, play a pivotal role, Hot rolled Flat Steel Bar is one of them.

The thickness of hot rolled Flat Steel Bar is less than 7mm, and the normal precision allows the curvature of the length per metre, not greater than 3mm, higher precision allows the length of curvature per metre, not greater than 2.5mm; The appearance quality and surface quality requirements of hot rolled Flat Steel Bar are stipulated in the standard, and the general requirements must not have harmful defects such as delamination, scarring, cracks, etc. The allowable range of the geometrical shape deviation of hot rolled Flat Steel Bar is also stipulated in the standard, including the bending degree, the edge width, the edge thickness, the angle, the theoretical weight and so on, and stipulates that the hot rolled Flat Steel Bar must not have the remarkable torsion.