Why Is Hot Rolling Flat Steel Bar Brittle Fracture

- Oct 11, 2017-

Why does hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar brittle fracture? When the temperature is lower than a certain temperature value, the material will be transformed into a brittle state, the impact absorption power decreased significantly, this phenomenon known as cold brittle, high-strength metal materials in the low stress brittle fracture process , The material organization is far from the mean, isotropic. According to Henan hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar manufacturers understand that the steel in the cold-drawn, due to the existence of cracks in hot-rolled tube defects, or high-precision Flat Steel Bar was made after the cylinder, the use of the process of the fracture, almost no plastic deformation Occurrence, generally brittle fracture.

Qualified hot rolled Flat Steel Bar with high enough high temperature strength and high temperature plasticity. So hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar not only requires a high enough room temperature and instantaneous high temperature tensile strength and plastic, but also requires lasting strength and lasting plasticity to ensure that at high temperatures, especially in the creep conditions under long-term safe operation.

Therefore, especially in the production of hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar, we have to strictly in accordance with the relevant production standards to be carried out in order to avoid the emergence of various large and small problems affecting our normal use.