Who Knows The Effect Of Flat Steel Bar Annealing

- Jun 19, 2017-

We should all know that the production of Flat Steel Bar every step is extremely important, the middle of every link are demanding. According to Flat Steel Bar 50 * 10 manufacturers, if the improper method of annealing, will affect the quality and performance of Flat Steel Bar.

Someone asked what is the annealing process? In fact, the annealing of the Flat Steel Bar is to heat the steel to the phase change or sector phase transition temperature, insulation for some time, in the furnace or buried in the furnace or poor thermal conductivity of the medium, so that the appropriate cooling rate A metal heat treatment method.

What is its role? It is pointed out that the annealing of Flat Steel Bar is necessary to eliminate and improve the tissue defects and residual stresses left in the previous process to prevent deformation and cracking of the workpiece. The steel is softened for cutting, grain refinement and improving the mechanical properties of the workpiece. But also for the follow-up process to prepare.

Hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar is often used on the building materials, you know how it was produced it? Today, Flat Steel Bar manufacturers to give you a good talk about it!

First, single-layer production process. Equipment is simple, hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar using the conductive requirements, although it is relatively resistant to the impact of carbon black, can be weak, low pressure.

Second, the surface coating process. Equipment is simple, is in the hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar inside and outside the surface coated with a layer of anti-static material, so that the pipe to meet the requirements, but the surface of the anti-static material easy to wear, poor safety.

Third, the use of multi-layer composite process. Including three layers of coextrusion, the production process is complex, high cost, refers to the tube inside and outside the anti-static, flame retardant, the middle layer with impact; or internal and external anti-static, flame retardant. Production of hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar quality assurance. Because the high yield, low power consumption per ton of electricity than the furnace down. Molten steel directly cast into billet, omit the billet process, reducing the cost. Continuous casting small billet high scale, to ensure that Flat Steel Bar ruler rate, meet the needs of users. Manufacturing process characteristics The use of electroplating production process, to achieve a high degree of integration of copper and steel.