What Is The Difference Between Flat Steel Bar And Steel?

- Oct 26, 2017-

Flat Steel Bar is steel, and steel, channel, like hot rolling and cold drawing two molding methods, hot rolling maximum width of 150mm, the maximum thickness of 60mm.

Flat Steel Bar, refers to the width of 12-300mm, thickness 4-60mm, rectangular cross-section and slightly blunt side of the steel. Flat Steel Bar as a useful material can be used for power supply with hoop iron, coal mining machinery, construction for the frame structure, escalators and so on. The theoretical weight calculation formula per meter is: W (kg / m) = side length * thickness * 0.00785, steel plant with steel, steel and so on.

Steel and steel is a class, there are hot and cold rolling of the points, in the mechanical properties, the same rolling method, the same material, and Flat Steel Bar is similar. After rolling, Flat Steel Bar on both sides of the arc-shaped, not Qi edge.

The use of Flat Steel Bar is very wide. Looks like it is cut from the ordinary steel slab down, in fact, hot-rolled molding. The edge cut from the steel plate is called the cutting edge, and the edge of the Flat Steel Bar is called the rolling edge. Rolling ensures the strength of the edge portion. Extra thick Flat Steel Bar thickness of more than 45mm, rarely used directly, but the mechanical processing into parts used. Ball Flat Steel Bar is developed for the shipbuilding industry. Mainly used for the bottom of the stiffener, oil and other difficult to accumulate. There is no precedent on the building, but the possibility is still very large.

Material summary

Three kinds of materials, the most expensive stainless steel, the overall range of 14000-16000 yuan / t; 316 material is mainly corrosion-resistant, generally over the water can be used on the 304, the price of 304 than 304 per ton of your 3,000 yuan. Galvanized material followed, the overall range of 3800 yuan / t or so, the cheapest black steel, the overall range of 3400 yuan / t or so. Galvanized material is generally more expensive than ordinary Flat Steel Bar between 200-600.