The Method Of Spring Flat Steel Bar For Automobile

- Jun 06, 2017-

Precision Flat Steel Bar production process Flat Steel Bar finishing machine works is the cold Flat Steel Bar bad with two groups of staggered arrangement of the leveling wheel on the direction of the thickness of the pre-school and the final leveling; with a pair of relatively arranged finishing The width of the wheel is compressed to achieve the desired parameters, the amount of compression is adjustable; with five staggered alignment of the alignment wheel on the width of the straightening of the system mainly by the control box, fine The whole pressure roller, pre-leveling unit, finishing unit, straightening unit.

The production process can be summarized as follows: pre-school level → finishing → straight → back to school Flat Steel Bar / a / b wide 12-300mm, thickness 4-60mm, rectangular section and slightly pure side of the steel. Flat Steel Bar can be finished steel, can also be welded pipe blanks and thin rolled sheet thin plate. The main purpose: Flat Steel Bar as a useful material can be used for hoop iron, tools and mechanical parts, construction for the frame structure, escalators. Flat Steel Bar according to its shape is divided into two kinds: flat spring Flat Steel Bar and single-sided double-slot spring Flat Steel Bar. Hot-rolled spring Flat Steel Bar is mainly used in the manufacture of cars, tractors, rail transport and other machinery on the plate spring.

The method of spring steel for automobile

Spring Flat Steel Bar made by converter smelting process. Compared with the prior art, it has the following advantages and positive effects:

1. Refining steel with converter, the main use of molten iron as raw material, less harmful elements in molten iron, Flat Steel Bar production to ensure quality.

2. Due to high yield, low power consumption, the cost per ton than the furnace down.

3. Molten steel directly cast into billet, omit the billet process, reducing the cost.

4. Continuous casting small billet high scale, to ensure that Flat Steel Bar scale rate to meet the needs of users.