The EU Anti-dumping Investigation On China's Cold-rolled Flat Steel

- Feb 02, 2016-

British media said that in the EU come from China, Russia the cold-rolled flat steel anti-dumping probe, decided to include China and Russia steel tariffs for the time being this class up to 16% and 26%.

United Kingdom Broadcasting Corporation, January 29, the investigation was initiated by the European steelmakers ' complaints, Eurofer European steel Association accused China and Russia to the EU low price steel, greatly damaged the local enterprises of the European Union.

The provisional anti-dumping duties is expected to be announced on February 14. And final anti-dumping duties is expected to be announced after the end of the August survey. Such tariffs generally will have a 5-year implementation period.

Previously, the EU since mid-December, asked the Customs authorities to register imports of cold-rolled flat steel, means will be collected starting from China and Russia imports of this type of steel.