Process Of Cold-rolled Flat Steel

- Feb 02, 2016-

Cold-rolled flat steel refers to the wide range of 12 to 300mm, thickness 4 to 60mm, the cross sectional area is rectangular in shape and is slightly with a dull-edged steel.

The steel can be cold-rolled flat steel products, can also be used as is the welded blank. The main use of this is made of cold-rolled flat steel can use it as a hoop iron, tools and machine parts, happened to be in the building above fangjia structures with staircases above.

Cold-rolled flat steel and you can shape into two flat spring steel flat and single-sided double spring flat, can be used to build cars, tractors and railway transportation, machinery and equipment above the leaf springs.

Cold-rolled flat steel fabrication process can be summarized as above after leveling straightening → → → finishing level. These processes cannot be substituted in step above, there were a set of rules and regulations, need to be carried out in accordance with these procedures.