Problems Existing In Surface Treatment Of Flat Steel Bar

- Jun 30, 2017-

Do you know? The surface of Flat Steel Bar is processed in order to make the Flat Steel Bar more beautiful, more stable in quality and prolong its service life. Hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar mills in Henan province the problems in the surface treatment of Flat Steel Bars have been found to be serious, the defects of weld seam are more severe, the grinding marks produced by manual mechanical polishing are used to make up the surface uneven and the effect is beautiful.

Welded Flat Steel Bar in Flat Steel Bar welded joints open with two-sided groove, Henan hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar mills, because of the existence of groove, heat pipe and double sided groove Flat Steel Bar between the welding position is larger, the electrode easily near the welding area, and increase the weld size, also increases the welding area, to ensure the weld area of Flat Steel Bar and heat pipe fusion depth, increase the connection strength of Flat Steel Bar and heat pipe, improve the welding process of Flat Steel Bar, at the same time to the welding technology requirements are relatively low, make welding operation more convenient.

A groove is arranged on the Flat Steel Bar Die plate, and the groove bottom of the groove is an arc surface, groove width and the thickness of the Flat Steel Bar, the roller can be rotated on the wrench, roll of the Rollers and groove of the groove of the face, balance wrench and die plate through the central component and positioning member fixed connection. Henan hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar mills, said that the production of cold rolled tooth flat because of its small cross-section, there is a need for more than fire to produce high energy consumption; also useful longitudinal shear Flat Steel Bar or hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar through the die punching and shearing, there is a low efficiency, tooth shape, tooth spacing irregularities and so

Flat Steel Bar, like other products, has a useful life. Usually hot rolled Flat Steel Bar has a lifespan of up to 50 years, but it also depends on the extent of the local air pollution corrosion. Today, manufacturers to give you an analysis of the life of their products affected by what factors.

Hot rolled Flat Steel Bar in different use environments, service life is not the same, the degree of erosion of the atmosphere due to geographical differences, daily life we will use a lot of steel, ordinary steel is divided into different types, in which hot rolled Flat Steel Bar because of its characteristics are widely used in making hoops, tools and machinery parts, escalators and so on. If the wind is mixed with ocean mist, because of evaporation caused by salt deposition accumulation, coupled with less rain, not often washed by rain, coastal areas of the premise is more unfavorable.

Any product has a useful life, and the use of a long time, the greater the wear and tear will affect the use. If there is industrial pollution, the erosion is even greater. The pollution may be caused by the gas formed by the fuel, the suspended particles in the air, and the deposition of the dust or iron oxide produced during the process of steel production will also increase the erosion effect. The ocean atmosphere can spread to the hinterland, and on the island the wind is more prevalent from the ocean, and the weather is bad, so the life of the hot rolled Flat Steel Bar should be considered in combination with the weather.