Non-porous Type Flat Steel Cold Rolling Mill Technology

- Feb 02, 2016-

Flat steel cold rolling mill now everywhere is a new method for improving the industry, technological change is everywhere, always make better cold-rolled flat steel to meet different customer needs. Xin sheng who is only one wish, that enables customers to purchase safely, with comfort, maximum protection of the interests of the customer!

Our company developed a non-porous flat steel cold rolling mill, the device for three Li-Ping-ping, middle state alternate layout; guide wheel with flat steel guide cylindrical open, can maximize smaller-for rack, substantially increase production, increase yield and reduce waste, reduce costs, and can be widely applied to various kinds of steel rolling production line. Afterburner using linear guides, guides, guide wheels, changing the traditional passive Guide, good stability. This machine adopts PLC programmed control and soft start technology, frequency conversion technology, servo-control technology, photoelectric sensors, digital technology and other international leading-edge of emerging technology, reach the world advanced level.