Method For Surface Treatment And Annealing Treatment Of Flat Steel Bar

- Jul 10, 2017-

Here is a brief introduction to Flat Steel Bar surface treatment of the knowledge:

There are problems in surface treatment of Flat Steel Bar weld defects are serious, the use of manual mechanical polishing treatment method to make up for the grinding traces, resulting in uneven surface, the impact of beauty. In the large Flat Steel Bar production equipment and technology on the basis of the technical requirements of the plate and flange plate size specifications, the use of continuous casting, finishing, finishing, such as the process of a production-oriented strip. Is the light steel structure product semi-finished products, is also China's light steel structure material development trend. The flange plate of semi-finished products has been widely used in light steel structures abroad. The use of the product will be effective for enterprises to save costs, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Flat Steel Bar refers to its width is greater than the height of steel, mainly used in steel manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, automotive industry, mining machinery, lifting machinery and other industrial materials. Therefore, the requirements of Flat Steel Bar more stringent, the production of Flat Steel Bar in different processes are very strict, in which the annealing treatment of Flat Steel Bar is a very strict process.

What is the annealing process of the Flat Steel Bar?

The annealing of Flat Steel Bar is to heat the steel to the phase change or the Department phase change temperature, after a period of time, in the furnace or buried in the furnace or poor thermal medium, so that it is suitable for cooling a metal heat treatment method. Anyang Q235 Flat Steel Bar manufacturer, the annealing of Flat Steel Bar is not only to eliminate and improve the defect and residual stress of the former process, but also to prevent the deformation and cracking of the workpiece, soften the steel for cutting, refine the grain, improve the structure to improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece, and prepare for the follow-up process. Therefore, annealing is a semi-finished heat treatment, also known as Pre heat treatment. Normalizing is heating the steel to the critical temperature above, so that the steel is turned into an average austenite, and then the natural cooling heat treatment method in the air. If the annealing method of Flat Steel Bar is not properly mastered, the quality and performance of Flat Steel Bar will be affected.