Main Difference Between Flat Steel Bar And Spherical Flat Steel Bar

- Jul 10, 2017-

It is well known that steel is widely used in our life. Of course. Steel according to its cross-section shape can be divided into Flat Steel Bar, angle steel, round steel and other types, but they also have the corresponding advantages and characteristics. Today we are going to see the main difference between the Flat Steel Bar and the ball Flat Steel Bar.

1, Flat Steel Bar is refers to the wide 12-300mm, thick 4-60mm, the cross-section is rectangular and slightly with the pure side of steel. Flat Steel Bar can be finished steel, but also can be used for the billet of welded pipe and laminated sheet. Flat Steel Bar can be in accordance with user needs, fixed thickness, fixed-width, fixed-length production, for the user to reduce cutting, and save the process, reduce the labor, material consumption, but also reduce the raw material processing loss, time-saving, labor-saving, save material.

2, Ball Flat Steel Bar is a special type of steel, consisting of flat webs and spherical ball head mainly used in shipbuilding and construction of medium-sized materials, of which the ship ball Flat Steel Bar is the auxiliary medium of shipbuilding. With the rapid development of shipbuilding industry in recent years, the demand of ball Flat Steel Bar for ship is exuberant. The ball Flat Steel Bar gradually becomes the special name of the ship Ball Flat Steel Bar, is the most important one in the Ship steel section, mainly uses as the reinforcing rib of the ship board, is equivalent to the human "rib".

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