Hot Rolled Flat Steel Bar Is How To Be Mass Produced?

- Oct 11, 2017-

Hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar as our modern architecture, industrial and other aspects of the use of building materials, favored. Here, manufacturers say how it is mass produced it

1, single-layer production process. Equipment is simple, hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar using the conductive requirements, although it is relatively resistant to the impact of carbon black, can be weak, low pressure.

2, the surface coating process. Equipment is simple, is in the hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar inside and outside the surface coated with a layer of anti-static material, so that the pipe to meet the requirements, but the surface of the anti-static material is easy to wear, poor safety.

3, the use of multi-layer composite process. Including three layers of coextrusion, the production process is complex, high cost, refers to the inner and outer layers of pipe anti-static, flame retardant, the middle layer with impact; or inner and outer anti-static, flame retardant. Production of hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar quality assurance. Because the high yield, low power consumption per ton of electricity than the furnace down. Molten steel directly cast into billet, omit the billet process, reducing the cost. Continuous casting small billet high scale, to ensure that Flat Steel Bar scale rate, meet the needs of users. Manufacturing process characteristics The use of electroplating production process, to achieve a high degree of combination of copper and steel.

To make full deformation of steel, it is necessary to properly control the speed of hot rolling, generally 0.5-1.0 is appropriate. At the same time, hot rolled to the provisions of the stress and hot rolling rate, then stop after 2-3, and then relax the steel, the end of cold pull, to fully deform the steel time. This is the production of hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar is more in line with our use.

The difference in line speed between the points of the hot rolled Flat Steel Bar is reduced and the deformation of the rolls is reduced, resulting in reduced roll consumption. The improvement of the tail profile also reduces the wear of the steel plate and indirectly reduces its energy consumption. The metal deformation is even , And uniform rolling pressure, especially the peak pressure is smaller, resulting in board defects in the hole over the full, less full of such phenomena greatly reduced or eliminate, can roll thinner board; lower uniform rolling Pressure can also use the cheaper inner hollow mandrel, low pressure also makes the hollow core rod temperature rise, the use of internal cooling and external cooling can be effectively cooled, so greatly reduced the hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar Consumption.