Hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar How To Do Rust Better?

- Oct 26, 2017-

In daily life, the use of a long time, hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar will inevitably produce rust on the surface. The best timely treatment, so as not to affect the service life. Hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar manufacturer Yan Xin Sen that the best is to do a good job early rust-proof work, so as not to affect the late use. Next Xiaobian tell you about how to do hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar rust better.

01, the general hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar material surface removed in the net, do not have oil, but the high-quality square steel, alloy thin steel plate, thin-walled tube, alloy square steel pipe, rust and its internal and external surfaces are required anti-rust oil And then stored.

02, Flat Steel Bar material should be checked after storage, if rust, should remove the rust layer.

03, the more serious corrosion of the Flat Steel Bar, rust should not be long-term storage, should be used as soon as possible.

04, Flat Steel Bar materials in the storage before the attention should be to prevent rain or mixed with impurities, have been rain or dirty materials according to their nature using different methods to wipe, such as high hardness can be used wire brush, low hardness Cloth, cotton and other objects.

Through the introduction of hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar manufacturers, I believe you how to do hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar rust has been understood, if you want to learn more about the content of Fang Gang, welcome to consult us.