Hardness Testing Method For Light Cold-rolled Flat

- Jul 10, 2017-

The hardness parameter of Light Cold-rolled Flat is also the reference standard for testing the quality of a Light Cold-rolled Flat factory, so what method can be used to detect the hardness of Light Cold-rolled Flat, today my company will share with you:

At present, the hardness of Light Cold-rolled Flat is gb231-84, gb230-84, gb4341-84 and gb4340-84 as well as gb4342-84, the hardness of cold-rolled flat steel is a kind of ability that indicates the surface area of the material or resists the elastic deformation and plastic change or break.

The hardness of Light Cold-rolled Flat can be measured by the concept of relative soft and hard degree, so hardness is also a basis for measuring soft and hard Light Cold-rolled Flat. But hardness is not a simple physical or mechanical, it represents the elasticity, plasticity and shape change rate, strength is very toughness is different from the hardness index.

Hardness is one of the most easily detectable properties of cold-rolled flat steel, and its hardness depends on the material and microstructure of Light Cold-rolled Flat. Usually testing does not damage the metal, can be directly in the finished product or semi-finished products between the detection, not subject to the size and brittleness of the limit, this is Light Cold-rolled Flat hardness testing one of the advantages.

The general method of testing Light Cold-rolled Flat is to use the indentation method to determine the hardness, there are common Brinell hardness method, Rockwell hardness method, Vickers hardness method and micro-hardness method, and rebound hardness method.

The above is Company share content, hope to help you.