Galvanized Bar And Galvanized Flat Steel Bar

- Jul 20, 2017-

Galvanized bar and galvanized Flat Steel Bar shape is different, the specific use is not the same.

Galvanized bar is a circular section of the solid long strip of steel. Its specifications to the diameter of the millimeter number, such as 50 that is 50 mm in diameter round bar. Round steel and other steel bars are not the same shape, round steel rounded, no ribs without ribs, so that the resulting round steel and concrete cohesive force is small.

Round steel (grade steel) belongs to ordinary low carbon steel, low strength. But the plasticity of the round steel, that is, before the bar was pulled off a large deformation.

Round steel application prospects are widely used in hardware, construction, automotive, shipbuilding, petrochemical, machinery, medicine, food, electricity, energy, aerospace and other fields or architectural decoration. The most extensive general mechanical parts processing, the general rod steel, CD rods, bolts, nuts.

Galvanized Flat Steel Bar is the width of 12-300mm, thickness 4-60mm, rectangular cross-section and slightly pure side of the galvanized steel. Galvanized Flat Steel Bar can be finished steel can also do galvanized pipe blank and galvanized belt. With high strength, light structure: a solid grid welded structure to have a high load, light structure, easy to lift and other characteristics; beautiful appearance, durable.

Galvanized Flat Steel Bar as a material can be used for hoop iron, tools and mechanical parts, construction for the frame structure, escalators.

Flat Steel Bar with negative deviation rolling, but according to the actual weight delivery, utilization rate than the plate increased by -5 percentage points. Flat Steel Bar can reduce the labor and material consumption, but also reduce the processing loss of raw materials, save time, effort, province material. Products have been professional for steel structure manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, automobile industry, mining machinery, lifting machinery and other industrial timber.