Does Weather Conditions Affect The Life Of Hot Rolled Flat Steel Bar?

- Sep 25, 2017-

We all know that any product is a life, you know how long the life of hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar? Under normal circumstances, hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar life of up to 50 years, but it also depends on the local air pollution corrosion. Next, Henan hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar manufacturers to give you analysis of the product life by what factors.

Hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar in different use of the environment, the service life is not the same, the degree of erosion of the atmosphere varies by region, daily life, we will use a lot of steel, usually the steel is divided into different types, Its features are widely used in hoop iron, tools and mechanical parts, escalators and so on. If the wind mixed with the ocean fog, due to evaporation caused by salt deposition agglomeration, coupled with less rain, not often washed by rain, the premise of the coastal area is more unfavorable.

Any product has a useful life, and the use of a long time, the greater the wear and tear, over time will affect the use. If there is industrial pollution, erosion is even greater. Pollution may be due to the formation of fuel gas, suspended particles in the air, such as steel production process of dust or iron oxide deposition will increase the erosion effect. Marine atmosphere can spread to the depth of the inland, the island is more popular wind from the ocean, and the weather is bad, so the life of hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar to be combined with the weather to consider.