Does Anyone Know About The Deformation Resistance Of Flat Steel Bar

- Jun 19, 2017-

I do not know if you have no understanding of Flat Steel Bar, Flat Steel Bar manufacturers to talk to you about the advantages of the product, take a look at it

First, the Flat Steel Bar raw materials are made of high quality materials, in line with national norms, and steel plate. Quality technical specifications according to YB / T4212-2010 specifications organized production.

Second, Flat Steel Bar specifications in particular. Thickness of 8 ~ 50mm, width 150-625mm, length 5-15m, and the product specifications range from the more dense, to meet the needs of users, instead of the use of plate, do not have to cut, you can directly welding.

Third, Flat Steel Bar thickness, width, cross-sectional size rules, smooth surface. Technology in the second selection of high pressure water descaling process to ensure that the steel surface bright and clean.

Fourth, Flat Steel Bar production specifications accurate, three poor, the same level difference is better than steel specifications; Flat Steel Bar goods straight, good plate.

Five, Flat Steel Bar on both sides of the straight, clear water chestnut. Rolling in the two rolling, to ensure that the two sides of the pen straightness, the edge of the surface of good quality, and durable, corrosion-resistant, long service life.

We should have the basic knowledge of Flat Steel Bar have a certain understanding, today 50 * 10 Flat Steel Bar manufacturers and we talk about its deformation resistance, I hope we can further understand our products.

The deformation resistance of cold drawn Flat Steel Bar, austenitic and martensitic cold drawn Flat Steel Bar have high deformation resistance, work hardening tendency is large, and the recrystallization speed is high at high temperature, so special attention should be paid to cold rolling Equipment and motor capability. 50 * 10 Flat Steel Bar manufacturers pointed out that ferrite or semi-ferrite low carbon profiled steel and general carbon steel have the same deformation resistance. Cold-drawn Flat Steel Bar low-temperature thermal conductivity are poor, while the linear expansion coefficient is larger than carbon steel. To ensure the quality of heating should be taken to low temperature slow heating.

Above is 50 * 10 Flat Steel Bar manufacturers of deformation resistance of the introduction, if you are interested in our products, we quickly contact us.