Cold-rolled Flat Steel Is Widely Reflected In The Scope Of What

- Feb 02, 2016-

Cold-rolled flat steel, believe it is not something new, the flat steel, is very common in our daily lives, then cold-rolled flat steel is widely used in what areas? Small series to tell you. First, more common of which is used in the construction industry, which is an important application of cold-rolled flat steel. For applications in the mechanical equipment, and many, mainly reflected in: woodworking machinery, ceramic glass machinery, food machinery, paper machinery, machinery, construction machinery, plastics machinery, textile machinery, jacks, hydraulic press and so on. In addition to furniture, used, but also some of the more common things, such as we often have to hold the handle, coffee tables, metal chairs, and so on. Small metal parts: such as Rails, machine, nuts, screws, nails, hex screw, nails, as well as a variety of different specifications standard parts, such as star anise.