Analysis On The Temperature Characteristics Of Flat Steel Bar

- Oct 11, 2017-

Flat Steel Bar is that we often use a kind of steel, manufacturers today to tell you about the temperature characteristics, take a look at it

When the temperature is lower than a certain temperature value, the material will be transformed into a brittle state, the impact absorption power decreased significantly, this phenomenon is called cold and brittle, so the design should be based on the work of the component to select the appropriate temperature Brittle transition temperature of the material. Cold-drawn large seamless steel pipe deformation is too small, can not meet the surface finish and dimensional accuracy requirements, can not achieve the strength index of the component; deformation is too large, Flat Steel Bar plasticity, toughness reduced too much, and the grain was too much Slender, forming a fibrous tissue, the metal will have obvious anisotropy.

Why should Flat Steel Bar through the annealing process?

Annealing is one of the metal heat treatment processes, which means that the metal is slowly heated to a certain temperature, maintained for a sufficient time, and then cooled at a suitable speed. Today, Henan Q235 Flat Steel Bar manufacturers to talk about the Flat Steel Bar annealing process, I hope everyone can understand.

The annealing of the Flat Steel Bar is a heat treatment method in which the steel is heated to a temperature at which the phase change or sector phase change occurs, and the temperature is slowly cooled by heat preservation. Flat Steel Bar annealing in order to eliminate and improve the former process of tissue defects and internal stress, but also for the follow-up process to prepare, so the annealing is a semi-finished product heat treatment, also known as pre-heat treatment. Normalizing is the heat treatment method in which the steel is heated above the critical temperature so that the steel is fully converted to the average austenite and then naturally cooled in the air.