Analysis Of Temperature Characteristics Of Flat Steel Bar

- Jun 30, 2017-

Flat Steel Bar is a kind of steel that we often use, the Flat Steel Bar factory today to tell you about its temperature characteristics, a look at it.

When the temperature is below a certain temperature value, the material will be changed into a brittle state, its impact absorption work is obviously reduced, this phenomenon is called cold brittle, so the design should be based on the working temperature of the component to select a suitable cold brittle transition temperature material. Cold drawn large seamless steel tube deformation is too small, can not reach the requirements of surface finish and dimensional accuracy, also can not achieve the strength index of the component; deformation is too large, the ductility and toughness of Flat Steel Bar are too much, and the grain is pulled too thin, forming fibrous tissue, and the metal has obvious anisotropy.

We all know that the production speed and efficiency have a great relationship, but the speed can not mean that the quality can also be very good grasp, then how can hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar to achieve efficient, high-quality? Today the factory comes to answer for everybody.

To make the Flat Steel Bar fully deformed, it is necessary to properly control the speed of hot rolling, generally 0.5-1.0. At the same time, hot rolling to the specified stress and hot rolling rate, immediately after the stop pull 2-3, and then relax the bar, end cold pull to give the full deformation of the time. The production of hot rolled Flat Steel Bar is more in line with our use.

The line velocity difference of hot-rolled Flat Steel Bar is reduced, the rolling average is reduced, the roll consumption is decreased, and the improvement of tail shape reduces the wear of the steel plate and reduces its energy consumption indirectly. The average, more irregular deformation of metal, and uniform rolling pressure, in particular, the peak pressure is smaller, resulting in the board defects of the hole-type too full, due to the phenomenon of a large reduction or elimination of Shan, can be rolled thinner board the lower uniform rolling pressure can also use the cheaper inner air core rod, the lower pressure also makes the inner air core rod temperature rise drop, It can be cooled effectively by internal cooling and external cooling, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of hot rolled Flat Steel Bar.