Analysis Of Cross - Sectional Shape Of Flat Steel Bar For Steel Grating

- Sep 25, 2017-

Flat Steel Bar is an important part of steel grating, in the steel grating from the main bearing role. Details can be seen: the quality of the steel grating is closely related to the Flat Steel Bar, and now the steel plate of the Flat Steel Bar is mainly used thickness T = 3,5,8 mm rectangular cross-section steel and a particularly thin, both ends are relatively thick Type I cross section Flat Steel Bar.

The geometrical and mechanical properties of the I-type cross-section steel are much stronger than those of the rectangular section, and the bending resistance of the I-section Flat Steel Bar is the same as in the case where the Flat Steel Bar height H and the cross-sectional area F are the same: Wx = 0.2-0.203FH , And the rectangular section of the Flat Steel Bar bending coefficient: Wx = 0.167FH, so from the data we can see, I-type Flat Steel Bar bending capacity than rectangular Flat Steel Bar is much stronger.

However, due to the shape of the I-type section is rather special, more limited, so all the Flat Steel Bar can not be replaced with I-type Flat Steel Bar. The range of use of type I Flat Steel Bar now used is also limited by the fact that when the height H of the Flat Steel Bar is relatively small, the a value of the flat crosshead of type I cross section is too small to be suitable for hot rolling and is not conducive to embedding Type welding. When the height of the Flat Steel Bar H is relatively large, I-type cross-section of the flat waist thicker than h / t is too large, but also caused the lack of lateral stability of Flat Steel Bar. Therefore, the current steel grating manufacturing industry to use rectangular section of Flat Steel Bar.