Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes

Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes

Mild steel flat bar can according to user requirements, thick, fixed width, fixed-length production, reduces the cutting for the user, and save the working procedure, reduces the consumption of labor, materials, and also reduce the loss of raw materials processing, to save time, manpower and materials.

Product Details


The seamless carbon steel pipes are made of carbon steel with a carbon content of less than 0.8%. They contain less sulfur, phosphorus and non-metallic inclusions than ordinary carbon structural steel and has excellent mechanical properties. They are long strips of steel with a hollow cross section and no seams on the periphery. The seamless carbon steel pipes are mainly used to manufacture general and mechanical structure parts, components, building structural parts and pipelines for fluid transportation. 

Depending on the requirements of use, they are sometimes used after heat treatment  with normalizing or tempering. What’s more, they have the advantages of high quality, low costs, high strength, exquisite workmanship, durability as well as high cost effective. The seamless carbon steel pipes are very popular with our customers around the world.