Cutting machine problems during production solutions

- Feb 02, 2016-

Now on the market have a lot of customers after the purchase of three steel bar straightening and cutting machine, the equipment put into operation the device has cut the time of continuous or not cutting problems. Cutting and does not cause should be found and tailored solution to its problems. In order to deal with the problems in the production process. Here by the company's technical Department for your detailed explanation above customer problems encountered in the production process.

Check electromagnetic reversing valve whether exists not reversing problem, then on line and electrical Shang for view detection, if is electromagnetic reversing valve of fault on on its for replaced, cut machine cut constantly or not cut of situation Xia on check following cut with of high pressure situation, if cut of high pressure appeared exception problem on control manual for adjustment pressure of size, then in check upper and lower edge of clearance whether had big, general situation knife mouth of clearance in 0.2mm around, delay disconnect of time and following electrical of time adjustment to 0.2- 0.4 seconds. In the end, the hardness testing of steel bars, steel of high hardness, generally of its strength and not higher than 750N on the line.