21st Century an Era of Technological Innovation

- Feb 02, 2016-

21st century is the age of technological innovation, along with the rapid social and economic development, in the construction of civil engineering construction, concept and design of reinforced concrete structures has also been a steady stream of innovations. In today's civil engineering and construction of reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete is a very important building elements, they also play an extremely important role. Concrete and steel are bear pressure, reinforced the shape is totally unacceptable errors.

In civil engineering building construction in the, according to engineering need all of building steel are to from into produced manufacturers acquisition various type of steel, then all transport to construction site, material shipped to site of when material of shape is different of, so to meet engineering of need, material in using Qian must on its for processing processing, to guarantee steel and concrete of combined good, must on rust of steel for except rust, on not specification bent of steel for stretch and adjustable straight, to save steel, and reduced cost, Cold-drawing process of steel can be used to improve the tensile strength of steel.