2015 national machinery industry has added what security policies

- Feb 02, 2016-

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine is one of the steel processing machinery. For straight 16 mm rebar straightening and cutting, and rust. Hydraulic steel bar straightening and cutting machine is made of upright tube, cutting, steel fixed-length frames, frame and drive device and so on.

Steel bar straightening machine for safe operation, we must check the fixing bolts of the wire brush for loose, drive lubrication was established and an enclosed protective cover and dust, and so on. Operation personnel must beam tight cuffs, and gloves and protection glasses, is strictly prohibited will bent hook forming of steel Shang machine except rust, bent spent big of steel should be in basic adjustable straight Hou except rust should by two people tie operation, in, mechanical installation smooth, material frame, and material slot should installation straight Hou, and should alignment oriented tube, and adjustable straight tube and Xia cut knife hole of center line, steel adjustable straight cut machine equipment must set reliable received zero protection. Runner flywheel by hand, check the drive mechanism and device, then adjust the clearance, check for loose bolts, verify that normal, started running gear bite is good, then running before the operation.