Galvanized Stainless Steel Cold-rolled Strip

Galvanized Stainless Steel Cold-rolled Strip

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Product Details

Galvanized Stainless Steel Cold-rolled Strip Introduction:

Low price cold rolled hot dipped zinc coated steel band galvanized metal packing strip made in china

More than years production experience guarantees quality is excellent and stable.

Professional development,production and sale depantments will assist to solve possible problems in the sale procession and provide good after-sell service.

Factory directly sales,insure you can get the lowets price.

Processing technique

1. Heat treatment facilities for hot-rolled, controlled rolling, normalizing,

2. Annealing, tempering, quenching, normalizing plus tempering,

quenching and tempering,

3. Other delivery states are available as customers’ requirement.

Feature of hot rolled steel plate sheet

1. Heat conduction

2. Excellent freezing, even structure with pressure resistance

3. Good mechanical properties

Excellent performances hot-rolled steel products

1. High strength, good toughness,

2. Easy for molding process and good weldability,

Main application of Galvanized Stainless Steel Cold-rolled Strip

1. Automobile, Bridges, Buildings,

2. Machinery, Pressure vessel industries.

3. Ship building, Engineering construction,

4. Mechanical manufacturing, Pavement slab, ect.