Cutting Cold-rolled Steel Strip Sheet

Cutting Cold-rolled Steel Strip Sheet

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Cutting Cold-rolled Steel Strip Sheet Introduction:

Kitchenware, tanks, food processing, cutlery, construction, household hardware, surgical instruments, major appliances, industrial equipment and as an automotive and aerospace structural alloy.

1) House wares: kitchen utensils, tableware, cookware, stoves, sinks, bathroom accessories.

2) Food industries: storage cans, food containers.

3) Construction: bridge, roofing, wall, ship building.

4) Component: automotive parts, precision instruments

5) Others: machinery and hardware industries, Medical equipment, petroleum & chemical industries, electricity industries, farming.

Primary color steel strap is also called the white packing steel strap, and the white color is the bright primary colors after cold rolling. They needn't do any other surface treatment, only need coat a layer of anti-rust oil. This kind of packaging with low price, some foreign countries used them as building material and in general their dosage is very large. Commonly, it adopts 3-4 layer packaging, or packaging according to customer requirements.